Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

Our team publishes an article in the journal The Gerontologist about SDM and housing transitions

Our team recently published an article in the journal The Gerontologist entitled: Shared Decision Making About Housing Transitions for Persons With Dementia: A Four-Case Care Network Perspective. Persons with dementia (PWDs) and their caregivers often face difficult housing decisions, that is, decisions about their living arrangements, in which the perspectives of all members of the care network should be involved. The study aim to assess the extent to which housing decisions for PWDs with their formal and informal caregivers correspond to an interprofessional shared decision making (IP-SDM) approach, and what light this approach sheds on their experiences with decision making. Results show that while the IP-SDM model was helpful, the options change with cognitive decline and moving to a nursing home can become inevitable in spite of preferences. Authors: Mirjam Marjolein Garvelink, Leontine Groen-van de Ven, Carolien Smits, Rob Franken, Myrra Dassen-Vernooij, France Légaré.

By France Légaré, 11/07/2018