Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

We contribute to article in Academic Pediatrics on overcoming barriers to SDM

France Légaré contributed to an article just published in the journal Academic Pediatrics entitled : Post-training shared decision-making barriers and facilitators for pediatric healthcare providers: a mixed methods study. The study aimed to assess barriers and facilitators of shared decision-making (SDM) for pediatric healthcare providers (PHCP) after they have been trained in SDM. Findings reveal that despite training and positive intentions, many HCPs report not subsequently using SDM. They identified numerous post-training barriers to its use. To overcome SDM barriers and improve uptake, HCPs recommend creating a socially supportive environment through a team-based approach to SDM training and implementation. These findings can inform SDM training and implementation interventions at pediatric health care centres. Authors : Boland L, Lawson ML, Graham ID, Légaré F, Dorrance K, Shephard A, Stacey D.

By France Légaré, 04/06/2018