Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

Our team publishes an article in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

Our team published an article in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology entitled: The Actor-Partner Interdependence Model in shared decision making: An illustrative example of its application to the physician-patient dyad in primary care consultations. This study applied the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model, a method used to evaluate the relationship process between two related persons, to patient/physician data about the effect of shared decision-making behaviours on patient and physician uncertainty. Each actor’s perception of the physicians’ shared decision-making behaviors appeared only to affect their own uncertainty ("actor effects") and not the other person's uncertainty ("partner effects"). Our exploratory analysis suggested that an appropriate dyadic pattern for this context would be the couple-oriented model. Researchers should further explore using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model to analyze actor-partner interdependence in the physician-patient relationship, and format questions tailored precisely to the model. Authors: Stéphane Turcotte, Hubert Robitaille, Louisa Blair, France Légaré.

By France Légaré, 11/12/2018