Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

Our team publishes an article in the journal Plos One

Our team published an article in the journal Plos One entitled: Can patients be trained to expect shared decision making in clinical consultations? Feasibility study of a public library program to raise patient awareness. Shared decision-making (SDM) is a process whereby decisions are made together by patients and/or families and clinicians. Nevertheless, few patients are aware of its proven benefits. This study investigated the feasibility, acceptability and impact of an intervention to raise public awareness of SDM in public libraries. The intervention consisted of an interactive workshop of 1.5 hours presented in public libraries. The workshop was co-designed by Quebec City public library network officials, a science communication specialist and physicians. This study reveals that a public library intervention is feasible and an effective way to increase public awareness of SDM and could be a new approach to implementing SDM by preparing potential patients to ask for it in the consulting room. Authors: Evehouenou Lionel Adisso, Valérie Borde, Marie-Ève Saint-Hilaire, Hubert Robitaille, Patrick Archambault, Johanne Blais, Cynthia Cameron, Michel Cauchon, Richard Fleet, Jean-Simon Létourneau, Michel Labrecque, Julien Quinty, Isabelle Samson, France Légaré.

By France Légaré, 13/12/2018