Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

France Légaré Contributes to a Protocol Directed by Brigitte Vachon on the Evaluation of a Provincial Collaboration on Chronic Disease Management in Primary Health Care

COMPAS+ is a QI program that is unique in Canada due to its integration within the governance of the Quebec healthcare system and its capacity to reach many primary care providers and people living with chronic diseases across the province. This study aims to evaluate the implementation and impact of COMPAS+ quality improvement collaboratives (QICs) on the prevention and management of targeted chronic diseases like diabetes. We anticipate that this study will address several important gaps in knowledge related to large-scale QIC projects and generate strong and useful evidence (e.g., on leadership, organizational capacity, patient involvement, and implementation) which has the potential to influence the design and optimisation of future QICs in Canada and internationally. Read more here.

By Titilayo Agbadje, 12/02/2020