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France Légaré Is One of Laval University's Pioneers and the Quebec Region

The Conseil du statut de la femme (CSF) and Université Laval organized a morning conference on Monday, March 9, 2020, to celebrate their pioneers. On this occasion, France Légaré and two other Laval University graduates were on stage to testify to their audacity and determination.

"When I was their age," she explained, "I felt very ignorant of the world. We didn't have the Internet. Today, as researchers, we are not here. We are in international networks. We welcome a lot of foreign trainees into our research teams. Interculturalism, globalization, their stakes are different from those we had at their age" says France Légaré .

Details of this morning's conference are available on the Université Laval website and on the CSF website.

By Titilayo Agbadje, 13/03/2020