Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

France Légaré Contributes to an Article Directed by Emélie Braschi on the Hidden Curriculum of Evidence-Based Medicine and Shared Decision Making

Considering that misconceptions about evidence-based medicine (EBM) and shared decision making (SDM) are common in clinical practice, and that these biases might unintentionally be transmitted to medical trainees through a hidden curriculum, authors explored how assumptions of EBM and SDM can be hidden in formal curriculum material such as PowerPoint slides. The analysis of 18 PowerPoints on the management of upper respiratory tract infections showed that indeed PowerPoint slides can relay a hidden curriculum. This can thus contribute to a normilization of pathophysiological reasoning, unexplained variations in clinical care, the use of EBM mimics, defensive medicine, an unrealistic portrayal of benefits, and paternalism. Authors conclude that addressing the hidden curriculum in formal curricular material should be explored as a novel strategy to foster a positive attitude towards EBM and SDM and to improve patient outcomes by encouraging the use of these skills. Read more here.

By Titilayo Agbadje, 01/05/2020