Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

France Légaré contributes to an article led by Anik Giguère on a scale that assesses clinicians' perception of their ability to adopt shared decision making (SDM).

Implementation of shared decision making (SDM) remains a challenge. To support implementation studies, the authors sought to develop and validate the IcanSDM scale, which assesses clinicians’ perceptions of their ability to adopt SDM. IcanSDM is the only instrument measuring this construct. It could thus help bridge the gap in people’s ability to understand the determinants of clinicians’ SDM behavioural intentions and improve SDM implementation impacts and efforts. The lessons for practice are as follow:
-IcanSDM assesses clinicians’ perceived ability to adopt shared decision making. 
-IcanSDM demonstrated adequate validity and reliability but needs more testing to confirm its responsiveness. 
-IcanSDM is promising for assessing the impacts of training in shared decision making and other initiatives to implement shared decision making.

Link to the study.

By Sébastien Drouin, 09/07/2020