Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

Our colleague Titilayo Tatiana Agbadjé publishes an article on the adoption of a patient decision aid for Down syndrome prenatal screening.

Our team has developed a decision aid to help pregnant women and their partners make informed decisions about Down syndrome prenatal screening. However, the decision aid is not yet widely available in Quebec's prenatal care pathways. The objective of this study was to identify knowledge translation strategies and develop an implementation plan to promote the use of the decision aid in prenatal care services in Quebec, Canada. The results of this study showed that pregnant women and their partners are not sufficiently involved in the decision-making process about prenatal screening and that there are numerous barriers and facilitators of the use of the decision aid in clinical practice (e.g., low intention to use it among health providers). Click here to read more.

By Carole Thiébaut, 02/06/2021