Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

Our colleague Francesca Brundisini publishes an article on Economic evaluations of scaling up strategies of evidence-based health interventions

Scaling science aims to help roll out evidence-based research results on a wide scale to benefit more individuals. Yet, little is known on how to evaluate economic aspects of scaling up strategies of evidence-based health interventions.
Using the Joanna Briggs Institute guidance on systematic reviews, the authors will conduct a systematic review of characteristics and methods applied in economic evaluations in scaling up strategies. To be eligible for inclusion, studies must include a scaling up strategy of an evidence-based health intervention delivered and received by any individual or organisation in any country and setting. They must report costs and cost-effectiveness outcomes. The authors will consider full or partial economic evaluations, modelling and methodological studies. The authors will narratively summarise the studies’ descriptive characteristics, methodological strengths/weaknesses and the main drivers of cost-effectiveness outcomes. This study will help identify what are the trade-offs of scaling up evidence-based interventions to allocate resources efficiently.
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By Carole Thiébaut, 29/10/2021