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2018-01-10 15:04

Our team contributes to an article in the journal Canadian Journal on Aging

Our team contributed recently to the publication of an article in the journal Canadian Journal on Aging entitled Opens external link in new windowWhat Do Clinical Supervisors Require to Teach Residents in Family Medicine How to Care for Seniors?

In this study, we assessed clinicians’ continuing professional development (CPD) needs at family practice teaching clinics in the province of Quebec. Our mixed methodology design comprised an environmental scan of training programs at four family medicine departments, an expert panel to determine priority clinical situations for senior care, a supervisors survey to assess their perceived CPD needs and an interviews to help understand the rationale behind their needs. From the environmental scan, the expert panel selected 13 priority situations.

Authors: Giguere AMC, Lebel P, Morin M, Proust F, Rodriguez C, Carnovale V, Champagne L, Légaré F, Carmichael PH, Martineau B, Karazivan P, Durand PJ.

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