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2018-07-31 15:14

Our team publishes an article in the journal Medical Teacher

Our team has published an article in the journal Medical Teacher entitled: Opens external link in new windowApproaches to considering sex and gender in continuous professional development for health and social care professionals: An emerging paradigm.

Consideration of sex and gender in research and clinical practice is necessary to redress health inequities and reduce knowledge gaps. Developing innovative continuing professional education programs that integrate sex and gender issues holds great promise for reducing these gaps. This article proposes new approaches to partnership, team development, pedagogical theory, content development, evaluation and data management that will advance the integration of sex and gender in continuing professional development (CPD). 

Authors: France Légaré, Hélène Lee-Gosselin, Francine Borduas, Céline Monette, André Bilodeau, Dominique Tanguay, Dawn Stacey, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Geneviève Roch, Maman Joyce Dogba, André Bussières, Marie-Claude Tremblay, Annie-Pierre Bélanger, Caroline Josel, Sophie Desroches, Hubert Robitaille, Louisa Blair, Sylvie-Marianne Rhugenda.

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