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2017-07-20 11:44

Our team contributes to an article in BMJ Open

Our team contributed to an article recently published in BMJ Open, entitled Opens external link in new windowLow-value clinical practices in injury care: a scoping review protocol

Preventable injuries lead to 200 000 hospital stays, 60 000 disabilities, and 13 000 deaths per year in Canada with direct costs of $20 billion. Overall, potentially unnecessary medical interventions are estimated to consume up to 30% of healthcare resources and may expose patients to avoidable harm. However, little is known about overuse for acute injury care. This review aimed to identify low-value clinical practices in injury care.

This article will contribute new knowledge on low-value clinical practices in acute injury care. Our results will support the development of indicators to measure resource overuse and inform policy makers of potential targets for reducing these practices in injury care.


Authors : Moore L, Boukar KM, Tardif PA, Stelfox HT, Champion H, Cameron P, Gabbe B, Yanchar N, Kortbeek J, Lauzier F, Légaré F, Archambault P, Turgeon AF.

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