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2017-08-15 13:23

Our team contributes to an article in “JAMA”

Our team recently contributed to an article in JAMA, entitled Opens external link in new windowPatient Decision Aids to Engage Adults in Treatment or Screening Decisions.

Are patient decision aids (PtDAs) associated with (1) improved decision quality defined as a decision informed by the evidence and a value-based decision; (2) improved decision-making processes defined as feeling informed, defining clear values related to the decision, and active participation in making the decision; and (3) better patient and health system outcomes compared with either usual care or a non-PtDA intervention?

Patient decision aids are associated with improved decision quality and decision-making processes without worse patient or health system outcomes.

Authors : Dawn Stacey, RN, PhD1,2; France Légaré, MD, PhD3; Krystina B. Lewis, RN, MN1


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