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Continuing Professional Development

Stakeholders expect continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain, improve, and broaden the knowledge and the skills of health professionals. CPD is widely held as the key to improving and fostering quality healthcare practices. Consequently, CPD's evidence base needs to be improved and its use fostered by key knowledge-transfer figures. The Research Chair already conducted several projects in this perspective. 


Our team organized a workshop that united CPD policy makers, decision makers, health services researchers, educators, and clinicians in order to identify CPD's specific research needs. 

This initiative's objectives were to:

1. review the existing CPD evidence base and identify any gaps;

2. identify strategies that would address the identified gaps and would help foster the development of the evidence base; and

3. propose a research project that would address some of the gaps identified.

Results helped CPD policy makers and decision makers, health services researchers, educators and clinicians coordinate their efforts to improve the knowledge base of CPD and our understanding of CPD's unique contribution to population health.

The workshop, entitled "Effective continuing professional development for translating shared decision making in primary care", was held on November 18th and 19th 2010. By developing this research network, implementing methods of SDM in primary care were mapped out and submitted to a critical assessment. Gaps in DPC implementation knowledge were identified. 

Measuring instrument

The absence of a widely accepted measuring instrument to evaluate the impact of CPD activities on clinical practice makes almost impossible the comparison of CPD activities effectiveness. 

Using an integrated model for the study of healthcare professionals' behavior, our project, Continuing Professional Development in Partnership for Knowledge Transfer, allowed the development of a theory-based, valid, reliable global instrument to assess the impact of accredited CPD activities on clinical practice. This tool, entitled The CPD reaction questionnaire, is available in French and in English : 

12-item instrument

User manual



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