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Continuing Professional Development in Partnership for Knowledge Transfer



Stakeholders expect continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain, improve, and broaden the knowledge and the skills of health professionals. CPD is widely held as the key to improving and fostering quality healthcare practices. Indeed, if healthcare decisions were based on the best scientific evidence available, the general agreement is that the health care system would be more efficient and would produce the expected results. At present, however, the research community knows little about interventions that have successfully changed healthcare practices. Furthermore, educational meetings have rarely been evaluated and any results have been reported as modest. Consequently, CPD's evidence base needs to be improved and its use fostered by key knowledge-transfer figures.

Our team proposes to organize a workshop that unites CPD policy makers, decision makers, health services researchers, educators, and clinicians in order to identify CPD's specific research needs and to lay the ground for an integrated research program dedicated to the development of an evidence base.

This initiative's objectives are to

1. review the existing CPD evidence base and to identify any gaps;

2. identify strategies that would address the identified gaps and would help foster the development of the evidence base; and

3. propose a research project that would address some of the gaps identified.

The proposed initiative has the potential to guide the CPD research agenda for the next few years, all while helping CPD policy makers and decision makers, health services researchers, educators, and clinicians coordinate their efforts to improve the knowledge base of CPD.  It would also increase our understanding of CPD's unique contribution to population health.

Opens external link in new windowStudy protocol

Workshop: "Effective continuing professional development for translating shared decision making in primary care", November 18-19th, 2010

This workshop was an integral part of a CIHR grant; its goal was to bring together a multidisciplinary research team dedicated to the study of Shared Decision Making (SDM) using Continuing Professional Development (CPD). A list of SDM methods in primary care will be made and submitted to clinical evaluation. Blind spots in knowledge in what makes implementation of SDM efficient will be identified and will lead to an international, multi-site study protocol.


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