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Training for First-Year Medical Students

Title: Shared decision making with the patient  (an emerging front-line collaborative practice)

By France Légaré, Dawn Stacey, Maria De Koninck, and Nathalie Brière

By the end of this 120-minute workshop, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the “finding common ground” element in the patient-centred clinical method (PCCM);
  • Recognize the importance of finding common ground with the patient so as to facilitate his/her adherence to diagnostic and therapeutic interventions;
  • Identify the principal approaches to finding common ground with the patient, both in clinical situations where a best choice is clear (scientific certainty) or and in clinical situations where it is impossible to guarantee a given result;
  • Present the patient with the principal elements of shared decision making and describe the principal characteristics of decision aids that favour shared decision making.

Target audience: First-year medical students

Teaching methods: Presentations, role play, discussion

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