Program Name: Shared decision making: the safety and quality imperative for patient engagement in care delivery

Authors or developers

Michael Barry MD
Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making (FIMDM)
Boston, MA
United States

Susan Edgman-Levitan
John D Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
United States

Country / Language United States/English
Creation or publication date 2011
Clinic context Primary care/various clinical domains
Target users Any healthcare professionals
Pre or post licensure Post-licensure
General objectives To identify the primary causes of unwarranted geographic practice variations for preferences in sensitive conditions.
To outline shared decision making as a solution to unwarranted practice variations.
To list key steps in a shared decision making process between clinicians and patients.
To summarize the evidence for randomized trials supporting the use of patient decision aids as tools to assist shared decision-making.
Format Online course (Webminar)