Program Name: Teaching Advance Care Planning to Medical Students with a Computer-Based Decision Aid

Authors or developers

M.J. Green
Departments of Humanities and Internal Medicine

B.H. Levi
Departments of Humanities and Pediatrics

Penn State College of Medicine

Country / Language United States of America / English
Creation or publication date 2010
Clinic context None in particular
Target users Second year medical students
Pre or post licensure Undergraduate
General objectives Help users clarify and prioritize their values
Explain end-of-life conditions (stroke, dementia, terminal illness, coma) and medical treatments (CPR, mechanical ventilation, dialysis, feeding tube)
Help users choose a surrogate decision maker and learn how to discuss their wishes with this spokesperson
Translate their wishes and goals into a medical plan in the form of an advance directive
Format Interactive, computer-based program for advance care planning (multimedia decision aid)