Program Name: ‘Seeing it from both sides’: Understanding the interdependence of patient and professional perspectives for Evidence Based Practice

Authors or developers

Susan Hrisos, Richard Thomson, Gregory Maniatopoulos, Darren Flynn
Institute of Health & Society
Newcastle University
Baddiley-Clark Bldg Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear NE2 4AX
United Kingdom

Country / Language Australia/English
Creation or publication date 2015
Clinic context Any clinical context
Target users Any health professional
Pre or post licensure Pre and post license
General objectives To understand the interdependence of EBM & SDM
To understand the significance of the interdependent nature of patient and professional perspectives and behaviours in relation to both paradigms
To gain an understanding of how SDM might function as a mechanism for supporting collaborative EBM
To gain insight about decision aids and PDAs and their use and application to support effective patient/professional interactions
Format An 1,5 hour workshop (with Small group exercise, Presentation, Plenary discussion, Structured feedback, Interactive panel discussion)