Program Name: e-TUDE : Applying shared decision making using clinical tools

Authors or developers

Anik Giguère*
France Légaré
Danielle Caron>br> Anne Laroche
Danielle Lepage
Émilie Fortier-Brochu

*Département de médecine familiale et de médecine d’urgence, Université Laval
Centre de recherche sur les soins et services de première ligne de l’Université Laval (CERSSPL-UL)
Pavillon Landry-Poulin, Entrée A-1-2, 2e étage, bureau, 2416
2525 Chemin de la Canardière
Québec (QC) G1J 0A4
Téléphone: 418-821-4123

Country / Language Canada / French and English
Creation or publication date 2017
Clinic context Any clinical context
Target users Health and social services professionals
Pre or post licensure Post licence
General objectives 1) To explain what SDM means, its importance to use, the advantages and disadvantages of SDM
2) To use various strategies to communicate to the patient probabilities and uncertainty associated with health options in order to better understand the issues related to his or her decision
3) To use different strategies to determine patients’ values and preferences using available tools
4) To integrate all the achievements in order to encourage patients’ active participation and SDM.
Format Mixed activities : Online Self-learning lasting approximately one hour with presentations, exercises, interactives questionnaires, videos and links to Internet sites of interest. Decision box distributed to participants, an online version is available