Program Name: klar for samvalg- doktormitSDM, Part of: meta-curriculum Ready for Shared Decision Making

Authors or developers

Jürgen Kasper1,2; Simone Kienlin3,

1) Faculty of Health Sciences,
Department of Health and Caring Sciences,
UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Postbox 6050 Trømsø, Norway
2) Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing and Health Promotion, OsloMET Metropolitan university, Pilestredet 46, 0167 Oslo, Norway
3) The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority,
Department of Medicine and Healthcare,
Postbox 404, N-2303 Hamar, Norway

Country / Language Germany / German, Norway / Norwegian
Creation or publication date 2012
Clinic context Any clinical context
Target users Physicians (primarily)
Pre or post licensure Post licensure
General objectives Knowledge: to gain knowledge on indication, ethics, goals and evidence of SDM and on quality criteria of evidence-based patient information.

Skills: to develop skills in structuring an SDM consultation

Competences: to develop competences in evaluating own attempts to involve the patient in terms of the MAPPIN’SDM concept of quality
Format Two times of 15min (minimal dose, proved efficient in RCT); more time recommended 1:1 individual setting, or small group settings (up to 6 participants) using different behaviour change techniques: crucial: MAPPIN‘SDM based individual feedback on own consultation sample