Program Name: Share Decision Making: The patient Voice in Health Care

Authors or developers

"MaineHealth hospitals
110 Free St
Maine, 04101

John Wennberg
Darmounth Atlas of health Care foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

Dave deBronkart
Society for participatory Medicine

Country / Language United States/English
Creation or publication date 2012
Clinic context Clinical practice ND patient with Prostate Cancer
Target users Providers and practice team
Pre or post licensure Unspecified
General objectives "To explore ways in which health care providers can elicit and incorporate patient values and preferences into health care decision. Topic include: -practical tools for providing decision support -SDM and elective surgery -effective risk communication strategies for providers -Role of patient communities and technology in SDM -SDM and end of life care - Designing a value-based health insurance product featuring SDM - Role of health literacy in SDM - Measuring the impact of SDM
Format Conference