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Development of standards for a reporting guideline for scaling studies


Health research generates evidence-based knowledge that need to be reported adequately to be effectively translated into practice and decision making by clinical and policy decision makers and members of the public. Moreover, health interventions proven to be effective need to be scaled up to help improve health outcomes for the entire population in order to promote health equity. However, gap in the quality of reporting of health research are well documented in the literature, particularly for scaling up studies, as documented in a systematic review. The aim of this research project is to develop the standards for reporting scaling studies. The project is guided by the steps recommended for developing health research reporting guidelines by EQUATOR, an international network that promotes transparent and accurate reporting of health research. The project is unique in its integration of the principles of patient-oriented research and sex and gender considerations, as successful scaling of innovations is highly context-dependent. The whole process involves national and international collaborators. As a result, the guidelines developed will be useful both in Canada and around the world to improving the quality of reporting of scaling studies and facilitate the replication and dissemination of the health innovations studied.

Project Team

International Executive Committee


Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grant awarded to the Quebec SPOR SUPPORT Unit / CIHR Patient-Oriented Research Fellowship

Start and end of funding

2018 - 2022

Publication and registration of the protocol

  1. Registration with EQUATOR Network.
  2. Protocol registration.
  3. Protocol publication. Gogovor A, Zomahoun HTV, Ben Charif A, Robert K.D. McLean RKD, Moher D, Milat A, Wolfenden L, Prévost K; Aubin E, Rochon P, Ekanmian G, Sawadogo J, Rheault N, Légaré F. Essential items for reporting of scaling studies of health interventions (SUCCEED): protocol for a systematic review and Delphi process. Systematic Reviews. 2020; 9(1): 11.