Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

France Légaré interviewed for article in Le Médecin du Québec

We invite you to read an article based on an interview with Dr. France Légaré in the April 2019 issue of Le Médecin du Québec: Concilier lignes directrices et personnalisation des soins. When Dr. Légaré practises shared decision-making with her patients, she begins by telling them that there are several options available, including doing nothing. "Next, I present the evidence that shows the benefits and risks associated with each choice, and I explain the likelihood that they will occur." Then she helps the patient figure out what is most important to him or her. For instance, is it more important to a menopausal woman deciding about hormone therapy to reduce her hot flashes and sleep better, or to avoid the low risk of a blood clot.

By France Légaré, 05/04/2019