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September 22 2017

Participation to the 4th National Health Congress - Brazil

The Chairholder of the Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation, Dr. France Légaré, gave recently two presentations for the 4th National Health Congress (Congresso Nacional de Saude) organized by the federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. 

The first presentation was about the Canadian model for Family Medicine Education, and the second presentation was about our research program in shared decision making, with updated scientific evidence. 

For those who are comfortable with Portuguese, more information about the congress is available here

September 18 2017

Our team contributes to an article in the Canadian Family Physician journal

Our team contributed recently to an article in the Canadian Family Physician journal, entitled Shared decision in preventive health care: What it is; what it is not

Shared decision making is not about convincing the patient to follow the doctor's recommendation, nor about giving him whatever treatment he or she requests, or about leaving the patient to decide on his or her own. Shared decision making implies to identify a clear decision point, provide information about the clinical problem and options available, elicit the patient perspective and assess what matters most to him or her, and guide the patient toward a final decision. 

Authors: Grad R, Légaré F, Bell NR, Dickinson JA, Singh H, Moore AE, Kasperavicius D, Kretschmer KL.

September 15 2017

Congratulations to Andrée-Anne Tremblay - “Coup de coeur du public” (public’s choice) award

Congratulations to Andrée-Anne Tremblay, who completed a 2017 summer internship with us and who has won the “Coup de coeur du public” (public’s choice) award at Cégep Garneau’s 2017 Poster Evening for Summer Science Internships.

Thanks to the Summer Science Internships program team at Cégep Garneau for offering this opportunity to students and helping train the next generation of researchers.


August 25 2017

Our team publishes and article in "Global Health Action"

Our team published an article in Global Health Action entitled Opens external link in new window"Are mobile health applications useful for supporting shared decision making in diagnostic and treatment decisions?".

In this paper, we discuss some recent studies on mHealth applications with relevance to shared decision making. We discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of using mHealth in shared decision making in various contexts, and suggest some directions for future research in this quickly expanding field.

Authors: Abbasgholizadeh Rahimi S, Menear M, Robitaille H, Légaré F.

August 22 2017

Our team contributes to an article in “BMJ Open”

Our team recently contributed to an article in BMJ Open, entitled Opens external link in new windowRural emergency care 360°: mobilising healthcare professionals, decision-makers, patients and citizens to improve rural emergency care in the province of Quebec, Canada: a qualitative study protocol.

Results of our earlier studies suggest that rural Canadian hospitals have limited access to advanced imaging services and intensive care units and that patients are transferred over large distances. Our goal is to build recommendations for improving services by mobilising stakeholders interested in rural emergency care.

This study will result in a comprehensive consensus list of feasible and high-priority recommendations enabling decision-makers in emergency care to implement improvements in rural emergency care in Quebec.

Authors : Fleet R, Dupuis G, Fortin JP, Gravel J, Ouimet M, Poitras J, Légaré F.

August 18 2017

Conference Preventing Overdiagnosis 2017: Follow us!

The Opens external link in new window5th Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference is held at the Centre des congrès de Québec from August 17th to August 19th 2017.

Preventing Overdiagnosis is a gathering of likeminded scientists coming together to share opinions, ideas and solutions to the growing problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment and how best to tackle the burden of overdiagnosis in today’s health care system.
This annual event is an ideal environment for health scientists, researchers and consumer/citizen advocates to present ongoing research, results and ideas.

Get informed about the activities of the Conference on Twitter and in the press:

Twitter: #PODC2017 and

Interview at Radio-Canada:

Article in Le Devoir:


August 16 2017

Alexandrine Boucher receives a CFN Fellowship

Alexandrine Boucher received a fellowship from the Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) for her Master's project in Public Health at Université Laval, “Burden of care among caregivers of the frail elderly facing the decision of location of care.”

We are very proud and honored to work with Alexandrine!


August 15 2017

Our team contributes to an article in “JAMA”

Our team recently contributed to an article in JAMA, entitled Opens external link in new windowPatient Decision Aids to Engage Adults in Treatment or Screening Decisions.

Are patient decision aids (PtDAs) associated with (1) improved decision quality defined as a decision informed by the evidence and a value-based decision; (2) improved decision-making processes defined as feeling informed, defining clear values related to the decision, and active participation in making the decision; and (3) better patient and health system outcomes compared with either usual care or a non-PtDA intervention?

Patient decision aids are associated with improved decision quality and decision-making processes without worse patient or health system outcomes.

Authors : Dawn Stacey, RN, PhD1,2; France Légaré, MD, PhD3; Krystina B. Lewis, RN, MN1


August 11 2017

Video of our team at the ISDM 2017 conference

Our team recently participated to the 9th International Shared Decision Making (ISDM) conference that took place in Lyon, France between July 2nd and July 5th, 2017.

The theme for this conference was – Time to reflect on shared decision making: where are we now and where we want to be.

It was a great event to exchange ideas in the shared decision-making community and our team had the opportunity to make new professional acquaintances.

Here is a short Opens external link in new windowvideo to present an overview of this conference.

August 03 2017

Our team contributes to an article in “The Journal of Rheumatology”

Our team recently contributed to an article in The Journal of Rheumatology, entitled Opens external link in new windowToward the Development of a Core Set of Outcome Domains to Assess Shared Decision-making Interventions in Rheumatology: Results from an OMERACT Delphi Survey and Consensus Meeting.

The aim of this Outcome Measures in Rheumatology (OMERACT) Working Group was to determine the core set of outcome domains and subdomains for measuring the effectiveness of shared decision-making (SDM) interventions in rheumatology clinical trials.

Further efforts are needed to address the limited understanding of SDM and its outcomes among OMERACT participants.

Authors : Toupin-April K, Barton J, Fraenkel L, Li LC, Brooks P, De Wit M, Stacey D, Légaré F, Meara A, Shea B, Lyddiatt A, Hofstetter C, Gossec L, Christensen R, Scholte-Voshaar M, Suarez-Almazor ME, Boonen A, Meade T, March L, Pohl C, Jull JE, Sivarajah S, Campbell W, Alten R, Karuranga S, Morgan E, Kaufman J, Hill S, Maxwell LJ, Welch V, Beaton D, El-Miedany Y, Tugwell PS.

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