Program Name: Can consultation skills training change doctors’ behaviour to increase involvement of patients in making decisions about standard treatment and clinical trials

Authors or developers

Phyllis Butow
J. Bernhard
R. Brown
Université de Sydney, NSW 2060

Country / Language Australia/English and Germany
Creation or publication date 2014
Clinic context Doctors’ training to increase the SDM process about standard treatment and clinical trials
Target users Medical, surgical, radiation and gynaecological oncologists, working in major cancer centres or clinics (including private oncologists) and involved in the treatment of patients with early breast cancer, and their patients for whom adjuvant therapy for breast cancer was indicated.
Pre or post licensure Post licence
General objectives key concepts: establishing a SDM framework, structuring information into a recommended, consequence or order, ensuring the discussion of key information in a clear manner and avoiding coercive communication
Format The training consisted of a 7-h interactive face to-face workshop with a follow-up telephone call 1 month later. Materials: written and oral one, that presented principles and strategies (2 h), a video modelling ideal behaviour (30 min), role-play practice with an actor-patient and expert facilitator (4 h), and individualized feedback on audiotaped consultations with actual patients (30 min)