Program Name: Making Good Decision in collaboration

Authors or developers

Health Foundation Improving innovation
90 Long Acre

Country / Language Australia/English
Creation or publication date 2013
Clinic context Prostate Cancer
Target users NA
Pre or post licensure NA
General objectives Gain a clear overview of shared decision making (SDM)
Understand and practice a number of core skills in SDM:
-Introduce the concept of SDM in a clinical encounter
-Respond to patient’s reactions when SDM is introduced, know how to explain why SDM is relevant to that situation
-Portray options, and check for understanding of the options
-Support a patient to deliberate about the options
-Elicit the patient’s preferences (“what matters to me”)
-Have knowledge and skills in using and introducing decision support tools
-Support a patient in making a final shared decision
Have a better idea of the next steps in embedding SDM in practice and, where appropriate, in organisations
Format Two workshops: one of 2 hours and another one of 3 hours