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2018-08-31 13:35

The “Please listen to me” study appears in the journal PLOS One

Our team publishes an article in the journal PLOS One, entitled: Opens external link in new window“Please listen to me”: A cross-sectional study of experiences of seniors and their caregivers making housing decisions.

Little is known about the decision-making experiences of seniors and informal caregivers facing decisions about seniors’ housing decisions when objective decision-making measures are used. This cross-sectional study aimed at reporting on seniors’ and caregivers’ experiences of housing decisions. We obtained information on preferred choice and actual choice about housing, level of participation in the decision, decisional conflict and decision regret. The study revealed that the actual housing decision made for seniors frequently did not match their preferred housing option. Advanced care planning regarding housing and better decision support are needed for these difficult decisions.

Authors : Rhéda Adekpedjou, Dawn Stacey, Nathalie Brière, Adriana Freitas, Mirjam M. Garvelink, Stéphane Turcotte, Matthew Menear, Henriette Bourassa, Kimberley Fraser, Pierre J. Durand, Serge Dumont, Lise Roy, France Légaré.

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