Program Name: Introduction to the design and cultural adaptation of patients decision aid

Authors or developers

Dana Alden

Arwen Pieterse

Hilary Bekker

Country / Language Belgium / English
Creation or publication date 2014
Clinic context Any clinical context
Target users Course open to all
Pre or post licensure Unspecified
General objectives 1. Appreciate the evidence on the impact of patient decision aids 2. Understand basic steps to consider when designing patient decision aids 3. Be aware of emerging issues and research areas related to design elements 4. Appreciate the importance of considering cultural differences when designing medical communication and decision making interventions in culturally diverse settings. 5. Appreciate the empirical evidence for developing culturally effective communication and decision making tools. 6. Understand basic steps to consider when designing culturally-effective patient decision aids. 7. Be familiar with various approaches to testing and analyzing culturally adapted decision aids prior to implementation in a clinical setting. 8. Have a resource to consult for further information
Format Short course during the 15th biennial SMDM European Meeting at Antwerp (Belgium)