Program Name: Patients as partners: improving care through shared decision making

Authors or developers

Royal College of Physicians
11 St Andrews Place
Regent’s Park

Country / Language United Kingdom/English
Creation or publication date 2015
Clinic context SDM in different clinical context
Target users All specialties who have an interest in improving the quality of care they provide through the use of shared decision making (all specialties, medical students, FY, CMT/ST1-2, ST3, SAS and consultants
Pre or post licensure Pre and post licence
General objectives • Describe Shared Decision Making and Support for Self-Management and Care Planning, the shared underlying synergies and the differences between them • Explain the rationale and theoretical background to Shared Decision Making and Support for Self-Management as an approach to partnership working with patients and carers • Identify the key attitudes, skills, systems and tools that need to be developed for this to become part of normal practice, and explore the common elements and differences in different clinical settings • Identify key consultation skills that I can use in my practice • Use resources and exemplars for putting into practice the skills for effective consultations.
Format Training workshop