Program Name: Patient engagement strategies: Getting to 'yes' in patient engagement

Authors or developers

Alaina Fournier
Health Communications Specialist
Office of Communications and Knowledge Transfer
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
540 Gaither Road, Suite 2000
Rockville, MD 20850.

Country / Language United States/English
Creation or publication date 2015
Clinic context Any clinical context
Target users NA
Pre or post licensure NA
General objectives To define shared decision making and how a health care provider and a patient work together for the best outcome;
To understand how to engage patients in their health care decision making and how to use patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) information tools and resources to help patients understand their treatment options and to explore their own values and preferences;
To explain the SHARE approach, a five-step process for shared decision making that includes exploring and comparing the benefits, harms, and risks of each option through meaningful dialogue about what matters most to the patient.

Format 1 hour webinar