Program Name: Shared-decision making in intensive care

Authors or developers

Ariane Plaisance and
Frédérick Noiseux, Annie LeBlanc, France Légaré, Patrick Plante, Louise Sauvé, Jennifer Kryworuchko, Diane Tapp, Todd Gorman, Julien Turgeon, Holly Witteman, Hubert Marcoux, Anne-Marie Boire-Lavigne, Christian Chabot, Paulette Bergeron, Patrick M Archambault

Country / Language Canada/French
Creation or publication date 2017
Clinic context Intensive care
Target users Clinicians and interns
Pre or post licensure Pre and post licence
General objectives 1) To put in context the issue of discussions on levels of care in the current context in Quebec
2) To identify key elements of shared decision making
3) To use decision aid tools for SDM most adapted to the needs of patients and physicians in Quebec
4) To engage a discussion with a patient on health levels and, at the same time, integrate shared decision making concepts.
Format An online tutorial (one our)