Program Name: Training medical oncologists in SDM about palliative systemic treatment

Authors or developers

Inge Henselmans, Department of Medical Psychology, Academic Medical Center, P.O. Box 22660, 1100 DD Amsterdam, The Netherlands. E-mail:

Country / Language Nertherland/English
Creation or publication date 2018
Clinic context Oncology
Target users 31 Medical oncologists and oncologists-in-training
Pre or post licensure Pre and post licensure
General objectives To address knowledge (i.e., definition, rationale, effect and stages of SDM), attitude (i.e., awareness of preference-sensitive decisions, personal barriers, and motivation), and skills (i.e., ability to apply the four stages using high-quality communication skills).
Format A four-stage SDM model, consisted of a reader, two group sessions (3.5 hours each with approximately 2 weeks in between), a booster session (1.5 hours) 6 weeks after training, and a consultation card presenting the four stages of SDM. In total, the training took 10 hours (8.5 hours of face-to-face contact and 1.5 preparatory reading).