Program Name: CPPE (Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education) Shared decision making programme

Authors or developers

Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
Division of Pharmacy and Optometry
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health
1st Floor, Stopford Building
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road, Manchester
M13 9PT

Country / Language England/English
Creation or publication date 2020
Clinic context Primary care practice (general practice and care homes)
Target users Pharmacists working in a patient facing role in general practice and care homes for at least two days (15 hours) per week.
Pre or post licensure Post licensure
General objectives - define what is meant by shared decision making

- describe how shared decision making can improve a consultation from the perspective of a pharmacist and the person that they are consulting with

- demonstrate the use of the tools and techniques outlined in this course to support shared decision making

- compare these different tools and techniques in order to select those that will be used in practice

- evaluate learners’ ability to use shared decision making in practice
Format An online learning component made up of an e-course as well as two face-to-face study days.