Program Name: IHHS 101 Dialogue and Decisions: Advancing Person-Centred Care

Authors or developers

Courtney Broten
Saraswathi Vedam
Namsook Jahng
Lucas Wright
Sarah McCabe
Nadia Picco
Gabriel Lascus

Midwifery Program | Department of Family Practice
Faculty of Medicine
Suite 320 - 5950 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z3

Country / Language Canada/English
Creation or publication date 2020
Clinic context Maternity care (in a interprofessional dynamic)
Target users Any type of professional
Pre or post licensure Not specified
General objectives Facilitate partnerships with persons who seek to design and implement their own care plans
Describe the respective roles of relevant health professions, and use this knowledge appropriately to achieve patient/client, family and community goals
Demonstrate effective communication with other health professionals and patients/clients in a collaborative, respectful, responsive, and responsible manner
Discuss the principles of teamwork dynamics and group processes that enable effective interprofessional collaboration Describe how the patient/client, family, and community are affected by inequitable access to options for care, including choice of birth place, and/or availability of providers and facilities
Demonstrate positive, constructive techniques and skills to address disagreements or divergence in opinion among providers and patients as they arise during health care decision making
Model best practices for communication and teamwork that support collaborating with patients/clients, families, and colleagues to make decisions, while accepting individual accountability for their own actions and professional responsibilities
Format Online course with 5 modules, with various didactic supports including videos, readings on theory and evidence related to the topics, interactive learning activities, online face-to-face activity with simulation, and links to key resources