Translating shared decision making into clinical practices: Phase 1. An international collaboration

Project description

Shared decision making (SDM) is defined as the process by which a healthcare decision is made by both the practitioner and the patient (i.e. the practitioner-patient dyad). Engaging patients as partners in their own care increases patient satisfaction and correlates with a better quality of life. Yet the SDM approach has not been adopted by the population at large. There are several important barriers to the successful implementation of SDM in primary care. To identify and overcome these barriers, it is important to simultaneously evaluate patients' and health professionals' perspectives of the SDM process (dyadic decision-making). The main goal of this project was to bring together the resources and the expertise needed to develop an international research team dedicated to implementing SDM in clinical practice. This international collaboration addresses the challenges posed by the implementation of SDM through the use of a dyadic perspective. Ultimately, the results will improve how the Canadian healthcare system and its professionals understand and respond to public expectations about health services and healthcare management.


Phase 1 protocol was published in 2008 in Implementation Science
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