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2017-04-04 14:56

Our team publishes an article in “BMC Pregnancy Childbirth”.

Congratulations to our colleague Maria Esther Leiva Portocarrero, who recently published an article in BMC Pregnancy Childbirth, entitled: Use of a patient decision aid for prenatal screening for Down syndrome: what do pregnant women say?

The choice to undergo prenatal diagnosis for Down syndrome is a difficult, preference-sensitive decision for pregnant women, but patient decision aids (PtDAs) are still rarely used in these clinical contexts. This study sought to identify factors influencing the use of PtDAs for pregnant womens in Down syndrome prenatal diagnosis. The most frequently-mentioned were the opinion of the pregnant woman’s partner, presentation of the PtDA by a health professional with a discussion and not having encountered a PtDA. These results will help answering decision support needs and to design future effective implementation strategies for PtDAs for prenatal screening for Down syndrome.

Authors: Portocarrero ME, Giguere AM, Lepine J, Garvelink MM, Robitaille H, Delanoe A, Levesque I, Wilson BJ, Rousseau F, Legare F.

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