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Interprofessional Approaches to Shared Decision Making (IP-SDM)



The need to guide patients in their decision-making is growing with the increasing number of clinical options and the more and more complex challenge to weigh the risks and the benefits of each of these options. The more difficult examples of decisions identified by Canadians include genetics tests (e.g. prenatal, BRCA1/2), surgery (e.g. treatment of the breast cancer or the prostate), medication (e.g. chemotherapy, medication for high blood pressure), and the care of the end of life.

Furthermore, as the Canadian health policies aim to center primary health care on the patient, it entails the necessity of an interprofessional approach of care. The patient-centered care is a philosophy of care where the patient's perspective is taken into account while the interprofessionalism implies the collaboration between professionals of various disciplines to meet patients need using an integrated approach in term of decision. The process by which a health-related choice is made by practitioners in association with their patients is called shared decision-making. Until now, most of the researches on shared decision-making were concentrated only on the doctor–patient dyad and few researches were driven in the wider perspective of the interprofessional care. Consequently, the objective of this research is to enlarge the impact of shared decision-making in the interprofessional approach of care to meet the needs of Canadians concerning primary health care services.

Shared decision making (SDM) is fundamental to informed consent and patient-centered care. So far, SDM frameworks have been limited to the patient–physician dyad, even though care is increasingly delivered by interprofessional (IP) teams. IP collaboration is especially necessary in home care, one of health care's most rapidly growing areas.

We believe that developing tools to implement IP SDM in home care is essential to strengthening Canada's healthcare system and furthering patient-centered care. This study will contribute to the evaluation of IP SDM delivery models in home care. It will also generate practical, policy-oriented knowledge regarding the barriers and facilitators likely to influence the practice of IP SDM in home care.

Published Protocol:

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Appendice: Tools

- Initiates file downloadIP-SDM Model

- Definitions of IP-SDM Model Concepts

- Definitions of IP Concepts

- Syllabus of the IP-SDM training workshop

- IP-SDMQuestionnaire




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