Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

Our colleague Diogo Mochcovitch will take part in a panel of senior global health leaders on ethics and scaling u

A panel of senior global health leaders will explore the ethical implications of expanding implementation of health technologies and practices in such areas as digital and mobile health, family planning and maternal/child health programming, and the use of artificial intelligence, among other issues. Co-Chair of the HTWG, Dr. Mojisola Odeku of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will host the session:
Moderator: Dr. Beniamino Cislaghi, (of the Humanising Collective, Spain) will facilitate a discussion among the following:
·       Louise Agersnap, WHO Innovation Hub, Switzerland
·       Dr. Diogo Mochcovitch, Laval University, Canada
·       Dr. Chloe Schwenke, The Center for Values in International Development, United States
·       Dr. Peter Waiswa, Makarere University, Uganda
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By Carole Thiébaut, 19/03/2024