Program Name: Deteriorating Adult Patient

Authors or developers

Kamaljitt Virhia Glasgow Caledonian University Cowcaddens Road Glasgow G4 0BA Scotland, UK

Country / Language United Kingdom/English
Creation or publication date NA
Clinic context NA
Target users Practitioners
Pre or post licensure NA
General objectives Analyse the pathophysiological conditions in the practitioner's area of care in order to recognise significant changes in a patient's condition; Evaluate the diagnostic and invasive monitoring adjuncts employed in the care of the Deteriorating Adult Patient; Critically appraise legislation, sources of information, advice and decision support to demonstrate evidence based management for the deteriorating adult patient; Critically appraise the wider issues of acute care nursing which demonstrates professional accountability and its relationship to clinical practice; Demonstrate a person centred approach to shared decision making in the context of the patient at risk of deterioration; Formulate a learning log to evidence clinical and educational activity.
Format 216 hours of Divers learning methods: lectures, seminars, group work, guided reading, online learning and Tutorials